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Web site: http://www.arizzi.it/

Country: Italy

In 1980, Mr Mario Arizzi, after a meaningful experience in brass working, he decides to undertake his own activity, giving life to his artsan venture.

Since the beginning, what distinguish the production of his firm are quality and originality of his articles, first drawned, then reproduced by wooden sculptures and chisel finished.

Tradition and craftmanship are the expression of our skillness; care and devotion together with a strict research are finalized to projects’ creation with a refined aesthetic sense. Arizzi has been working in the contact branch since many years ago; the company, thanks to an experience made in the creation of lighting products both in Italy and abroad, was able to follow the trend of a changeable market. Colours and transparency of glasses work in complete symbiosis with totally malleable materials like brass and iron becoming unique shapes which embrace the care and the experience of craftmanship.

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