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Web site: http://www.erco.com/

Country: Germany

ERCO specializes in the producing of software and hardware for architectural lighting. First of all, the company has positioned itself as a seller of light, but not luminaires. That is why the company calls itself: ERCO, Light Factory. Indoor fixtures, outdoor fixtures and ERCO lighting control system - make a wide assortment of lighting equipment.

ERCO developed the first wide assortment of projectors, which is based of the LEDs bases only. To provide maximum light flux and long life, there is efficiently conducted the heat throughout the aluminum case. Design of lighting is attractive and has a compact form.

Spherolit lenses can be easily replaced without tools, it means that the distribution of light patterns can be modified to perform different tasks of lighting. Spherolit lens provides wide angle beam spotlight for illumination of large areas or objects. Thanks to an efficient technology of Spherolit LED optical system, light efficiency is much higher than ordinary systems of the reflector.

ERCO creates optimum solutions for architectural lighting – when it is creating, managing and controlling the light, for effective visual comfort and scenographic design sizes. This approach leads to illumination tools for users who meet all the technical and economic requirements of lighting practice.