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Country: Germany

The brand "FIBO" consists of the first letters of the family "Finke" and the German city "Borken." Its founders were two brothers, who in 1967 decided to organize the production of lamps, based on experience of steel processing and manufacture of exclusive forged products.

Today the assortment of the factory has more than 500 fixtures. Architects, seeking to create a special design, use FIBO's products in their projects.

There are not many materials that are very well combining the following qualities: delicate, easy and elegance. To maintain the good quality of products, company has established a number of guidelines. Among others the factory has set up high standards for the development of new products to ensure easy handling. When planning the design for wrought-iron artwork it means that all products must perfectly fit into various product environments.

Employees comply with all the technologies and traditions of manufacture, to all factories' products were quality. Each product is carefully checked before it leaves the factory. There is the method of fire-galvanized in the production of goods, which allows for not to rust product for a long time.

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