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Country: Germany

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Occhio – one of the leading manufacturers of lighting equipment, well-proven as the manufacturer of innovative and qualitative lighting. Brand is widely known for its complex, modular lighting systems – stylish and multifunctional at the same time.

Occhio exists since 1999; the company is headed by Axel Meise – self-taught designer, whose inspiration leads brand to new heights. For the continuous circulation of ideas in industries constant development is needed. Such concentration on moving forward adds a unique depth and the level of specification to brand’s products.

Occhio is committed to ensure that ligting fixtures serve man as efficiently as it possible and fit any space. Occhio luminaires is, first of all, smart lighting:

  1. the possibility of dimming;
  2. change of color temperature;
  3. comfortable control – touchless, with gestures, or by means of special programs on mobile devices;
  4. selection of lenses’ position or the direction of light (for example, Sento item can be uplight, downlight or to beam at the same time both up and down);
  5. easiness of the mounting.

Light serves as the main muse for Occhio’s workers and the experts are fascinated by the fact that their products allow people to improve the quality of life by means of using lighting – shaping flawless light scenarios for personal spaces. Luminaires by Occhio is an ideal example of German tradition, contained minimalistic and functional design.

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