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Country: Italy

Goffredo Reggiani, is the founder of the company, began production of decorative lamps in the '50s; at that time, his early models were beautiful and soon, his desire to improve, made him took as assistants an artists and architects.

Reggiani invented and created the first set of fixtures for halogen lamps with dichroic reflector in Europe. It was the beginning of innovations Reggiani, and many of his inventions were accepted later as international standards.

For 50 years, the company in time of growing market was trying to get ahead of time and introduce innovation.

All products match to international standards of quality and safety, and also satisfy more stringent national standards.

Laboratories are equipped with the best equipment for testing materials, separate components and finished luminaires. Each laboratory has a separate classification of main factors: the life and overheating, fire resistance, protection against water and mechanical crash resistance and corrosion resistance (salt spray test).

Each Reggiani lamp guarantee the quality of light and it does not matter, it is made in Italy, USA, China or Britain, the main thing that is done by Reggiani.

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