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Web site: http://www.riperlamp.com/

Country: Spain

The Spanish factory Riperlamp creates lightings in the classical and neoclassical styles. In the production of unique lamps there is using a traditional technique with processing of high-quality glass, which allows to ensure the market with perfect products.

Many stages of production are carried out manually at the factory, so that’s why Riperlamp products are high quality. A unique system for testing and determining the level of quality allows to eliminate the defects (if there is any) on the first stages and avoid its appearance on the market.

Riperlamp chandeliers nicely fit to any design of interior, so they are used in private and in other areas. Today, the factory has entered into the international market, and quality work of Spanish masters, no doubt, are recognized as the best, even by the most demanding industry experts.

There are many well-known interior designers and architects who wish to cooperate with the factory, because of implementing into their projects the Riperlamp production, and thus created the style of the area. Using the products of the company, the client will make sure with balance of price and quality of the good.