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Web site: http://www.vibia.com/

Country: Spain

VIBIA was created in 1987 in Barcelona. The company is targeted to a production of beautiful and quality lighting fixtures in "modern" and "high-tech" style. VIBIA’s products, which are made by hand from the best quality materials – are a combination of innovations and quality. The company produces an unusually plane lamps of different sizes and shapes (they could be round, rectangular and square), which is the highlight of the factory.

There are suspended lamps with porcelain lampshades and huge floor lamps with extended lampshade on the two-meter distance from the base in the collection. Thanks to using the latest technologies, high-quality processing of metals in the production of fixtures and to original design of all products, and also to innovative approach for the use of different materials in the creating of lampshades, that’s why the factory’s production definitely stands out among the other manufacturers of modern lighting.

The product range is often updated, considering the needs of inside lighting and keeping the individuality of each client. Today, VIBIA’s products are exported to all over the world, more than in 60 countries.

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