Projecting is done in some stages due to high professionalism of our specialists:

  1. Technical task. At this stage, we receive information from the customer: with requirements of illumination levels (customer requests / DBN / GOST standards / SNiP), drawings, plans, sketches and 3D models.

  2. Development of the lighting conception. There is close cooperation between employees of the company "Sun Trade" and with the client and architects for the development of conception, the main tasks of lighting (decorative, technical or architectural) and lighting scenes.

  3. Lighting are calculated in such programs:DialLux, ReLux, CalcuLux.

  4. Visualization. If it is necessary, there is made visualization of the results in 3D programs.

  5. Binding fixtures on the plans. Binding is doing by type and groups according to the lighting scenes, there are indicate required size and mounting scheme, the height of the construction and the installation instructions.

  6. Selection of required lightings. Selection according to the design, technical characteristics and price segment for all areas.

  7. 7. Preparing of final specifications for the customer.