Exploratory Design

Audit (exploratory design) is a general assessment of a present state of a lighting design project.

Exploratory design includes the following set of services:

  1. Measurement of the parameters of light in the room (brightness, color temperature, energy efficiency);
  2. Inspection of lighting fixtures for compliance with the State or European safety standards;
  3. Examination of the room condition to the possibility of engineering works in the future;
  4. Advice from professionals in respect of improving the lighting.

Later, following the exploratory design, as well as Client’s preferences, lighting designers develop a few variants of lighting concept, embracing next factors:

  • Equal distribution of light in the room;
  • Efficiency;
  • Safety in use;
  • Correspondence to the design of the room;
  • Budget.

On the base of lighting concept company Sun Trade realizes the construction of technical issue and realization of the project along with the equipment selection and its import.