Lighting Design

Lighting design is a model generation by means of using special programs (DiaLUX) and the subsequent calculation of illumination. It is necessary to determine the quantity of fixtures, their position, the direction of light and what lamp power must be used to provide the illumination level, corresponding to all standards. Lighting design influences directly on:

  • equipment investments;
  • energy efficiency of equipment;
  • working capacity of people;
  • accident prevention.

Lighting design must be accomplished always, regardless the scope of the project. Any objects, either private or commercial, require a responsible attitude towards light, as it is oriented, first of all, upon people’s activity. Lighting design can help compose a scenario of lighting. Lighting designers, using professional instruments. Will present to the Client a few variations of visualization in one of three available formats: 3D, Photoshop, DiaLUX.

Turning to the company Sun Trade, you will receive qualitative and detailed calculation of illumination based on your design or wishes.