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Web site: http://www.bega.com/

Country: Germany

German company Bega is a leading expert in production of outdoor lighting. Luminaires are made of proven durable materials (such as cast bronze, stainless steel, aluminium, steady, hand blown glass), and this fact assures maximum extended product life. At the moment, Bega products are represented by two categories of goods — outdoor and indoor luminaires.

Use of LED-technolody

Diodes become more and more popular in the world of lighting thanks to their functionality and energy efficiency, and Bega provides strong support to the development of LED-technologies. Light emitting diodes of the highest quality are used in company’s luminaires, developed for fixtures of brand.

High Protection Level

Outdoor lighting fixtures are bound to quality excellence and immunity to grease, dust, bad weather conditions and rapid temperature changes. Bega luminaires offer the highest protection level that allows the use of some devices even under water. Bega luminaires can withstand heavy loads and cope with lighting function in all weather.

Quality Guarantee

Main principles, guided by Bega company in design and manufacturing of their fixtures – perfect quality and sleek design. Bega luminaires provide excellent architectural light at night and create a harmonious architectural image of building at any time of a day.

Bega in Ukraine

You can buy Bega lighting fixtures from us – Sun Trade company is an official dealer of Bega manufacturer in Ukraine. Here on site you can always find current catalogue of Bega luminaires. And during, the visit of our office, the presentation mount with samples will be presented to your attention – thanks to it you have an opportunity to observe luminaires in real life, to evaluate the quality of materials and the light itself, and, of course, to get all out advice of Sun Trade specialists.

Bega-2015 (part 1)

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Bega-2015 (part 2)

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Bega. Свет для дома и сада

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