Lighting for Boutiques

Lighting for boutiques is a special category for lighting designers as sales level directly depends on level of illumination. Boutique itself has a note of elitism, and that is why everything here must be presented in fine fashion. The owner of the boutique should remember that client’s well-doing is a pawn of a higher quantity of purchases and satisfied buyers. Furthermore, by means of light you can point up the most important things and strengthen their cachet.

Considering the small area, lighting of boutiques must be chosen extra carefully, and every mounted fixture should have its own designated location and properly perform the task, assigned to it. The boutique presents all types of lighting – ambient, decorative and accent lighting.

Nifty suspended lighting fixture, matched by the general style of the department, is a necessary element. It will become an instrument, by means of it the reputation of the boutique will be impeccable and memorable.

Wall spotlights help to highlight key points of lighting. It is important to use special light engines – metal halid with UV-filter or LED, as other lamps may cause cloth fading. It is essential that room must have no dark corners. The best possible lighting for boutique or mall is upwards of 1000 Lux. Color temperature of light matters – it must be about 4000 K; also CRI (colour rendering index) must be above 80 or so.

Illumination of fitting-room is of particular importance for clothing boutique. Indeed, despite the lighting in the sales area, buyers take a final decision after trying on the clothes. Ineffectual placement of lighting fixtures can create unpleasant visual effects (such as distortion ofbody proportions or unhealthy skin colour), after which the client loses the desire to buy something or even to come back in the future. And exactly the opposite – lighting fixture in the right place can emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its possible disadvantages.

Also mind the shop-window lighting. Original approach to façade lighting contributes to better the first impression about boutique. For this purpose, floodlights, bollards, uplights with high IP level are suitable.