Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting of parks and gardens has two main tasks - functional and decorative. One of the light that can solve both of these problems on any area is street lamp. Besides, park lighting is as a decorative accessory in the daytime. Beautiful parks and gardens are beneficial to the psycho-emotional state of people and increase the social prestige of the city.

Nowadays, a lot of different lighting fixtures  are used in the landscape design - from the traditional lights of different heights to fiberglass; from the models are placed in the ground (lighted up) to suspended on trees.

Garden lighting always starts with the paths. Lighted paths do the main function of the system landscape lighting – is providing opportunities to orient in space, so often the lighting of avenues, roads and paths are called functional as opposed to decorative lighting landscape objects.

Accentuated lighting used to highlight parts of landscape architecture, garden sculpture, individual trees, etc. It uses a directional light fixtures with different angle of light distribution. They are usually placed low from the ground, and sometimes - for lighting trees and bushes - above. In some cases, lights mounted on low supports, and the use of narrowly targeted floodlights - on the walls, the thick branches of trees. You can highlight an object so that the dark outline differed in backlit conditions or accentuate its contour (light back) lighting. Little effect reaches the exterior illumination of buildings: on the walls of buildings designed in the shade of trees, shrubs, garden objects.

Artistic effect is also achieved thanks to features of the distribution of light spots, lines, rays on the site - the lawn areas, differences of relief. The main advantage of these lamps is their mobility: they are stuck in the ground, attached to trees, to the facades of the building with screws. In this group of lamps long cord, they connect to a normal street outlet and allow to change the configuration of the light flux.

The most interesting area of ​​decorative garden lighting is the illumination of the water. Successfully highlighted pond at night can be a dominant garden. The most effective lighting of fountains and cascades.

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