Designer Supervision

Designer supervision is a control of adherence to specification in an installation of gained equipment and its implementation. It is rather complex and important service, since it ensures the correspondence between the concept and its realization.

Unexpected circumstances, caused by human factor (such as lack of qualification or experience, possible inattention or simply casual attitude to work), may occur in the process of installation. Designer supervision lets detect and eradicate problems in the egg, when their destructive power is miniscule.

The expert, providing designer supervision, is:

  • Visits the object, observing the workflow for the correspondence to the design-project;
  • Holds consultations;
  • Documents the process;
  • Coordinates with Client bills on materials and equipment.

Ordering the following service, you may be sure in the success of your project! Specialists of Sun Trade company will control assembling and installation of equipment on each stage and guarantee the excellence of work performance.